About Stalking

What is stalking?

  • Stalking is a series of acts that aim to control another person
  • Stalking usually instills fear in the person being stalked
  • It causes changes in the person’s daily routine due to fear
  • Can be harassment in the form of telephone calls, text messages, emails, following you, driving by, or having other people check up on your activities
  • The activities may increase in danger from telephone calls to breaking into your home, threatening harm, damaging your property

Why would someone stalk a person?

  • It is not the fault of the victim
  • The stalker may be holding on to relationship that has ended, trying to “get even,” or may think that they are in a relationship with the person they are stalking

Stalking is a crime, and if you think you are being stalked you should:

  • Contact law enforcement
  • Document calls and keep messages from the stalker
  • Consider a protection order
  • Avoid any contact with the person
  • Be aware and vigilant with your personal safety
    • Park in well lit areas
    • Vary your patterns
    • If the person follows you, go to the nearest law enforcement office
    • Consider increasing home security


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