The staff and volunteers, as well as any person doing work for COVE, is bound by strict confidentiality. We take great care to maintain strict anonymity for our clients. We understand that the communities of Carbon County are small and that our confidentiality affects the safety and reputation of our clients. Unlike law enforcement, Wyoming statutes give us the ability to keep all information completely confidential with the exception of 

1) suspected child or vulnerable adult abuse or neglect and

2) threat of harm to self or others. 

Our policy is below:

I shall respect the privacy concerns of the people we serve, and shall hold in confidence all information obtained in the course of professional service, whether that information is obtained through written records or daily interaction with the person. Therefore, I will not disclose an individual’s confidences to anyone except, 1) as mandated by law, 2) to prevent clear and immediate danger to a person or persons, 3) where I am compelled to do so by a court or pursuant to the rules of a court.

I shall store or dispose of professional records in ways that maintain confidentiality.
I shall possess a professional attitude which upholds confidentiality toward the people we serve, colleagues, applicants, and any sensitive situation within this non-profit.
I, upon my termination, shall maintain client and co-worker confidentiality and shall hold confidential any information about sensitive situations within this non-profit.

I understand that violation of this confidentiality statement may be grounds for immediate dismissal.

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